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We all know that it’s a difficult choice to decide on senior living situations. It’s taxing on yourself, as well as your loved one who’s entering assisted living, but it begs questions: how much assistance are these seniors actually receiving?

Even when you get a senior living referral, depending on the agency you choose – it may only mean so much. It is important to choose an agency that does much of the due diligence for you. Many other referral services are generally making business deals between those giving the referrals, and the assisted living care facilities themselves. When you’re going to make this tough choice, you’ll be faced with a volley of even more decisions, but there’s one that rarely comes up: are seniors being cared for properly in these assisted living centers?

Senior Living In 2018

With publications and news stories arising in recent years about nefarious senior living homes, you want to know that the center you’re choosing is the best for your beloved senior. You also want to know that they’re avoiding what most senior living centers end up doing—parking senior citizens in their wheelchairs in front of the television, and walking away.

How much assistance are these seniors actually getting? They are an alternative means to a nursing home, making it more about living, and less about existing. They offer safe places, but more often than not, they don’t supply enough care for your loved one to thrive, not just survive.

Paying The Premium

For adult children, there are numerous factors and emotional rollercoasters that we go through when trying to decide which assisted care facility is right for our loved ones. A vast majority of those—even when receiving senior living referrals from top providers—are paying for supplemental care providers to come and check in on their parents or loved ones. The kicker is, most are already paying an absurd amount for an assisted living facility in the first place.

So when is enough actually enough? With more investments diving down into assisted living centers all across America, as the baby boomers are entering more fragile ages, where is the line in the sand going to be when choosing an assisted living center that’s going to provide your loved one with attentive care, and not just medical care? Contact a member of Options for Senior Living today, and see how we set a high bar in the senior living referrals industry.