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One thing that every human shares in common is growing older. All of us worry about how we will look, how we will feel, what we will do with our time. Some of us think that growing older is just an inevitably slow decline. But when see it in a different way, growing older can be a wonderful and enriching experience.

Ways on how to age gracefully

  • Knowing what you like to do.

Aging up can sometimes cause difficulty in figuring out what you want to do, what you should do, and many more options of who you should be and where should you be. Take time to realize about those things. Get clear on those questions that you often ask yourself.


  • Practice forgiveness.

The greatest spiritual teacher, may you be young or old, is forgiveness. Sometimes, all you have to do to have a peaceful mind and happy environment is forgiveness. Forgive them not because they need it, but because it makes you happy and you want to have a fulfilled life.

  • Failing well.

Failing well is a sign that you have a well-lived life. It only means that you dream big and that you tried hard. Failing well is understanding the positive power of failure. This is to make you realize that you still want to pursue and dream big even if you might fail.

  • Taking care of yourself.

Growing older gracefully is having the feeling of being smart, strong, and well-supported. Take time to figure out and find out what your body needs to thrive.

  • Curiosity.

Curiosity is crucial for growing older gracefully. Keep your mind open and explore what’s possible beyond what you could have ever imagined. Have the will to learn new things like other people’s culture, practices, and views. Do not change yourself but you can lookout for for new ways of living, thinking, and being in this world.


  • Trying new things.

Not because you get older means that you have to stick with your daily routines. Continue to explore what interests you, what excites you, and what challenges you. Your entire life is meant to be an adventure so treat it like one.

Some seniors are just aging better, and sometimes they are aging smarter. It is not based on what they are doing but it is in what they are not doing.

Here are some things to avoid to grow gracefully.

  • Negativity. Stay away from negative people, things, and places. Always be thankful for what you have in your life. Always remember that positive people were less likely to have heart disease and other ailments.

  • Too much makeup. You might be tempted to overdo your makeup as you age, thinking that you might have a youthful appearance. Stop trying to dress like your daughter or younger self. Just go lighter in putting up makeup. Too much makeup on face doesn’t necessarily make you look better.

  • Stress. Stress from family and work is unavoidable. It can sometimes cause depression, sleeplessness, and heart disease. Learn to manage stress. You can take meditation, and exercises to avoid stress.

  • Overindulging. Moderation is the key to gracefully age. Eating a high fat diet and not getting enough exercise for the day can cause you harm. On the other hand, a poor diet can also increase free radicals in your body which can make you look older.

  • Excessive sun exposure. Having too much sun exposure can severely damage your skin. You can try putting some sunscreen to protect your skin from sun spots, and loss of firmness.

We hope you find these helpful in your journey to live a fulfilled life and age gracefully. Sometimes knowing where to start can help put your plan into action!