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Being responsible for senior living and care options is not an easy task. Many seniors would prefer to be independent, but sometimes their needs require them to move from their home into assisted living. In some cases, assisted may be the best option to be safer and healthier.

How do you know which option will best to meet your loved one’s care needs?

When you begin to research about senior living preferences, you will realize that there is a jargon within the industry. While Independent Living and Assisted Living are options that offer social opportunities and different levels of housing for seniors, that is where the similarities begin to change. Before you can make this decision, you should understand what needs there are, and changes there may be in the future. Once you know your needs and preferences, you can decide whether assisted living or independent living gives the best senior home environment for you.

Assisted Living.

When many adults think of the classic concept of a “nursing home,” assisted living is generally what they have in mind. However, this option is typically intended for those who are physically or cognitively unable to live on their own. Individuals at assisted living communities are free to live an independent life, but they also receive regular support for a variety of activities ranging from cleaning to meal preparation. Residents also enjoy events, activities, outings, and many opportunities for social engagement. Medication management and assistance to some needs are also available. This is important not only for the safety of the elderly, but also for the peace of mind of their family members who wants to make sure their loved one is taken care of.

Independent Living.

In contradiction, Independent living communities are great for elderly or seniors who made up their mind to downsize their home. They may feel overwhelmed that their home has become too much to manage for them, or they might just want to live with other like-minded seniors. Independent living is ideal for individuals who can still live independently but enjoy being assisted when they need to be. It is a perfect alternative though it doesn’t offer the same service as assisted living. In many cases, more care options are available for an extra cost. It also provides seniors a comfortable home-like ambiance that is designed to keep seniors interactive, healthy and safe.

As your parents and grandparents continue to age, considerations around housing options become more important. Seek out as much information you need to so that you feel comfortable with your choice of senior living. While there are many options, the choice made should be determined by the needs of your loved one.