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There is a need to raise public awareness of safety. Numbers showed that:  Employees are three times likely to get injured off the job according to National Safety Council; An estimate of 126,100 unintentional deaths was counted in 2010 compared to a 122,700 count in 2009 (United States)

Employers spent around $730 billion nationally on unintentional injuries that caused much grief to the employees and their families.

This June, NSC has proclaimed this as a National Safety Month in hopes of promoting further safe practices and behaviors that go beyond work parameters.

This annual observance focuses on informing organizations and society on safety practices and prevention against accidents and deaths. There are different themes every week: Emergency preparedness, wellness, falls and driving.

Making a Difference in Your Neighborhood and Workplace

There are various ways to introduce these four concepts to the public. With some creativity, here are five ways to raise safety awareness in your organization or community.

  1. Musculoskeletal disorder prevention

The workplace may require you to sit or stand for prolonging periods of time. There are tools available to help employees minimize the risk for this kind of health problem. Purchasing ergonomic paraphernalia and re-arranging the workspace may help reduce accidents, stress and boost productivity among employees.

  1. Preparation for space hazards

Jobs that entail going through confined spaces such as manholes have its set of hazards. Though it is invisible to the naked eye, atmospheric hazards may cause health problems for employees. Understanding ‘test, purge and ventilate’ ensures the safety of the space that’s free of combustible gases with a good supply of oxygen.

  1. Keeping visible

This is particularly true for those who are riding bicycles and motorcycles. Wearing dark clothing without any high visibility devices may increase the chances of getting hit by a vehicle. Raising awareness to those who are working on the road such as cable line repairmen should make this as a priority when working on the road to prevent accidents.

  1. Raising the ladder safety awareness

There are about 65,000 workers who go to the hospital due to ladder-related injuries according to Consumer Products Safety Commission. A quick inspection of ladders can make a big difference in the lives of individuals and workers. Prior using one, make it a practice to inspect for missing bolts and broken parts to ensure the safety of each bar leading up. Ladders need to be placed on level-ground for stability and use a ladder wedge to keep it steady when the person goes up or down.

  1. Beat the heat

During summer days, make it a practice to bring water to keep hydrated. To prevent heat stroke brought about by the summer heat, keeping a bottle of water with you can help the body cool down. Wearing light clothing (cotton might be best in this case) can easily dissipate heat absorbed in the body. It might be best to have tents and umbrellas available in open areas in the workplace during this season to safeguard employees from heat stroke.

The National Safety Month is also an opportunity for employers to revisit their safety initiatives. Working with a team and implementing improved routines will greatly impact the safety of workers and communities alike.  

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