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In the United States, April is a National Volunteer Month. There’s nothing as exciting and self-fulfilling as giving back to the community through service. Volunteerism is the foundation for after-school programs usually taken during summer vacation. But it’s not limited to after-school activities. You too can be a part of this movement and volunteer in senior care.  

Volunteers come from various places in the U.S and look into causes that bridge their talents to the needs of the community. Some volunteers look into serving seniors as part of their service for National Volunteer Month. Volunteers looking into senior living assistance will leave with indispensable experiences and wisdom valuable to their life’s journey.  

Importance of elderly care

You can check in your local neighborhood for facilities catering to elderly care. As part of your activity, the simplest way is to volunteer your time. You can plan ahead and talk to your preferred facility so you can make the most of your time tending to the elderlies.

Schedule regular visits and talk with them. You may also bring a friend along and play some board games while basking under the sun over some iced tea.

Another way is to plan a baking activity with elderly ladies. They are sure to delight in this activity – and the baked goods too!

For seniors having difficulty with socializing outside due to health limitations, scheduling a regular visit can also be a part of your service for this National Volunteer Month. You are doing a great service by letting elderlies feel important by scheduling these visits. Sharing a meal and watching their favorite movie are just of the activities that you can do during your volunteer period.  

Due to old age, some elderlies also have some difficulty seeing and driving. You can volunteer to do their errands. Go the extra mile and schedule this on a weekly basis. A small act of kindness does go a long way! Small errands like raking leaves, shoveling snow out of the driveway and fixing small things around their homes creates a meaningful relationship with them.

If you find that you have a passion for senior care, you can learn from an older friend or someone who’s already working in an elderly facility to get you started. Since some seniors are withdrawn, it can be challenging for someone who’s new in this field. Here are some tips that may be helpful in this journey:

  • Know what they like. Ask several questions like what do they like to eat, favorite movies, favorite hobbies like singing or dancing and other such questions. Ask them if they can show you and appreciate them for it. From here, you already have a foothold in the flow of conversation. It gets easier in time!
  • Reminisce the past. You can also incorporate this as part of your senior living activity. An old photo album or scrapbook may help them remember the good old days. Encourage them to remember the good things in the past. You can also get creative and turn these narrative stories into a documented scrapbook. The elderly are sure going to like this and appreciate the effort you put into making an artwork.

As being part of the National Volunteer Month, volunteers bring with them rich takeaways and experiences. If you have a passion for elderly care services, contact local services in your town and start making a difference one person at a time.  

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