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Recently, in Orlando, Florida, the PointClickCare Vice President, Travis Palmquist, spoke at the EHR software company’s 2017 summit. Following that, questions have arisen from all across the industry—what are we doing about regulating the difference between assisted living centers, and nursing homes?

Senior Living Referrals Sometimes Are Not Transparent

The difference between a nursing home and assisted living center are in more than just the name of a business—nursing homes are dead set on only focusing on the medical aspect of things, while assisted living centers are more about the senior living quality of life. So where are the nursing regulations going?

Just because you get a referral from a seemingly-reputable source doesn’t mean that all referral agencies personally inspect these facilities, or understand how they operate on the day-to-day basis. Options for Senior Living takes referrals a step further by not only inspecting facilities, but also being involved every step of the way. Just because a facility may not be “negligent” doesn’t mean that the senior living quality of life is up to our standard. Don’t just bench on a referral alone; go the full extent, and tour facilities, ask for personal referrals, and do your research.

What Defines a Better Quality of Life for Seniors?

Senior living conditions vary, and these are dependent on a few key factors: interaction, and medical attentiveness. Those in their seventies and eighties in the pinnacle of health are the occupants you see in an assisted living facility—more than half of the reason that an adult child seeks out an assisted living facility for their parents are due to their own inability to adhere to the parents’ medical needs.

With nursing regulations as a hot button issue right now, we’re keeping a close eye on how this will be received by the varying staff across the country. Now that this issue has been given a global stage, changes are expected. Assisted living centers are supposed to be the enhanced version of a nursing home, offering medical care, as well as activities and attentiveness—with Palmquists’ speech this past Tuesday, will nursing regulations in senior living centers be given a second look?