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At Options for Senior Living, we genuinely believe in our brand, our people, and above all, our character and reputation we live out each day. Our integrity and ethics drive us, while our passion for people ensures our success.

That’s why we created this page to serve those who may be living out-of-state and wish to reside in a senior living community in AZ. We are here to assist you with this transition.

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While we are a team of professional referral specialist – we also navigate you through your complete transition into this next phase of your life.

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Another Way to Generate Leads . . .

Caring.com (a Senior Housing Forum partner) and that other online referral source are important lead sources for many senior living communities. But those are expensive leads and I get why senior living communities are constantly looking for more effective ways to...

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Nat’l Friendship Day

For the past decade or so, the spotlight has been shown on depression as a leading mental illness for teens. But the sad truth is, no one has brought to light its prevalence on seniors. Studies have shown a dramatic increase in the number of cases of depression...

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How to Keep Your Mind Healthy

Depending on the lifestyle you kept throughout most of your adult life, being a senior citizen could have its challenges. Many factors such as stress, diet, and other daily habits could easily determine how your life would be at the age of 60. Senior living should not...

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Healthy Senior Living with Smiles by Delivery

Thanks so much to Smiles by Delivery and Elaine Mamola for hosting Scott Fischer on the Healthy Senior Living with Smiles show. We are always happy to align with amazing community partners like you and your team. Thanks for delivering smiles every day!   Listen...

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A Gentle Reminder that Choice Equals Power

Hmmm… “Choice Equals Power” ~ We don’t tend to put those words together or look at that view, especially when it comes to how we age! But those words are a GOLDEN RULE when it comes to aging as successfully as possible. Everyone benefits when we make good choices. The...

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National Dance Day

We can add fun to senior living this coming National Dance Day by celebrating the special event. Who said that seniors can’t groove and rock anymore? In fact, this type of events will surely excite our elderlies and make them feel youthful than their age. This July...

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Does Medicare pay for assisted living?

Medicare does not cover assisted living. Medicare considers assistance with activities of daily living(assist with bathing, dressing, toileting, meals and medication management) to be custodial rather than skilled care. Medicaid can provide coverages for long-term care for these issues for qualified individuals.

For a more detailed discussion or to speak to one of our team members by calling 602-845-1320

What is the difference between assisted living, skilled nursing and Independent living?

Independent living is a senior supported but predominantly social environment that is unregulated- no care is provided by the facility although some residents arrange for private caregivers to assist them with their specific needs and activities of daily living

For a more detailed discussion or to speak to one of our team members by calling 602-845-1320

Is there financial assistance to help pay for senior care?

Since Medicare does not pay for assisted living, in some instances Medicaid can cover those long-term care costs for qualified people. There are additionally, veterans benefits potentially a resource for those men and women who may have been active duty in the military during specific wartime dates. Some families can utilize other financial strategies such as reverse mortgages to aid in paying for assisted living.

For a more detailed discussion or to speak to one of our team members by calling 602-845-1320


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