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The home care industry (also known as domiciliary care, social care, and in-home care) caters to many different medical services that your ageing loved one might need. Home care services are provided by caregivers, also referred to as home care aides, are trained to understand the nuances of senior care. Home care aides helps your ageing loved one with daily living activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting and transferring.

Home care is classified as personal care or companion care and is considered “unskilled” or “non-clinical.”

When To Use Home Care

Home care services are applicable to seniors who:

  • Need assistance with daily life activities like eating, grooming, bathing and the like.
  • Are unsafe to drive and need transportation.
  • Are living alone and need companionship.

Services of Home Care.

Here are the services provided by caregivers or home care aides.

  • Transportation.
  • House cleaning.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Bathing, toileting, dressing.
  • Medicine reminders.

Benefits of Home Care.

Affordable. Home care aides or caregivers do not only give high quality of service but they are also affordable compared to nursing homes. In home care, rates are charged by the hour so there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to out-of-pocket expenses.

One to one Care. Caregivers that provide services to your ageing loved one has only one purpose and that is to make sure that your loved one is being taken care of.

This means that your loved one has their complete attention and quality care which makes them more comfortable.

It keeps families together. Seniors needs more emotional support from their family as they grow older. For families who have their ageing loved one in home care, they can have the advantage of visiting them whenever they want without following the restricted visiting hours.

It provides companionship. Caregivers or home care aides provide companionship like friendly conversations to elderly which can have a big impact with their well-being.

Medication Management. Home care aides can help elderly to take their medicine at the right time by assisting them and reminding them. This helps the elderly as well as the family to control health conditions and prevent harmful drug interactions.

Families that are unable to be the primary caregivers for their loved one  have the benefit of knowing that their loved ones are receiving personalized, professional, and compassionate care in the convenience of their own homes.