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Many older adults depend on others for transportability that is why Uber, a mobile on-demand transportation service, is teaming up with senior living facilities across the nation to make getting around easier.

What Is Uber?

Uber is a technology platform. The Uber app connects Uber driver who takes you to your desired destination within minutes. As a driver-partner, you use your own vehicle or a fleet partner’s vehicle to pick up riders and drive them to preferred destinations in your city. You’re paid a fare for each completed trip.

What Is Uber For Elders?

Talk about convenience! Even though the use of this app is most popular among young Millennials, Uber use among seniors has steadily increased over the past few years.


Uber is becoming viral among members of this age group. Although it may seem odd, Uber is an affordable option for seniors to regain their independence, especially for those who no longer feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Non-Techy Senior Living

Uber has announced that they will provide free classes for seniors who want to connect to the technology required to get Uber rides. They have also agreed to provide free rides for seniors at specific senior centers and retirement communities in certain cities as part of some pilot program partnerships.

What Benefits and Services Can Uber Give For Senior Living?

  • The program allows seniors living in certain areas to pay $1 to $5 per ride, based on their income levels. Uber is considered to be highly affordable, no matter what kind of budget you’re on. The cost of an Uber ride depends on the time and distance of the ride.
  • Seniors don’t have to carry cash to pay for a ride, since they are charged via the app (Security).
  • Three of Uber use among seniors are safety, legality and background checks of Uber drivers, but Uber is working to make it more accessible and safe for seniors
  • Seniors don’t need to call and schedule a senior bus (paratransit) days ahead of their need.
  • Seniors don’t have to wait and stop at multiple stops picking and dropping off the others on their way to their own destination when riding a senior bus.
  • The rideshare car is reliable, sometimes the senior van is late or doesn’t arrive at all making the senior miss an appointment or wait for a long time, an opportunity to visit friends or even miss a medication dosage when delayed.
  • Seniors don’t want to burden their family members (no need for them to call there family member everytime they need a ride).
  • Seniors don’t need to rely on a taxicab that might show up or not and they don’t need to wait for them to show up when they need a ride, especially in an unfamiliar area or after dark or on emergency situations.


If your senior loved one has a disability that requires a little help to get into and out of the car, needs a wheelchair or other device, Uber ASSIST can be selected on the smartphone app that will give you a specially trained driver who can help your senior loved one with the transfer. They are also trained to handle and store their device. Your senior just needs to select the ASSIST in the promotions section of the app. The cost of this special service is the same as a ride chosen from UberX. There are other ridesharing services depending on the area of the country where your senior resides.

In general, an Uber ride for Senior Living costs less that a taxicab and more easy and convenient to use.