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“Choice Equals Power” ~ We don’t tend to put those words together or look at that view, especially when it comes to how we age! But those words are a GOLDEN RULE when it comes to aging as successfully as possible.

Everyone benefits when we make good choices. The unspoken, ‘understood’ result of that phrase is that we have to MAKE a decision. A vast majority of the cases that Placement Specialists see are the fallouts of people not making choices at all. Often, there is no Plan B in place when life takes an unexpected turn. The result leaves both the client and their families reacting instead of following a proactive plan when sudden change happens. Options become very limited, and often you can find yourself with no choice at all when you don’t prepare.

As we are close to entering the fall season with holidays around the corner, please take the opportunity to look at what you need to secure this year concerning health, age, and finances– whether you are looking at yourself or a loved one. Get a plan in place to discuss with your family when the holidays roll around.

Ask yourself.

Are you realistic about your current health status? Have you shared any difficulties you may be experiencing with your go-to person? Do you have an updated and present power of attorney (POA) in place for financial and health care decision making if you are temporarily or permanently disabled? Did you include someone in addition to your spouse? Do you have a family trust in place? Have you had a conversation with your family outlining how you want things handled if; you can no longer drive, or life takes a turn, and you can no longer live safely at home alone, or if you are the caregiver for someone and YOU get incapacitated? Who is your substitute and what is your plan? Does your POA or advocate have a current list of the medications you take and the bankers and doctors you see?  

When we move by choice, we have the time to shop around. We check out amenities, atmosphere, cost structures and distance to our current world. When we move by necessity, a trustworthy Placement Specialist will make all the difference in finding your best options at the best price. Looking at a list that names communities you must choose from while bedbound at home, in the hospital or rehab center that’s foreign to you starts a journey of 100 questions, when you are not in your best frame of mind! Options for Senior Living is a trusted partner my team has utilized for years. They work on your timeline, with your guidance, your wants, needs, and budget.

Whether it’s for the unexpected or the inevitable, utilize your time to make the decisions for your future that are amenable to you now. Share your thoughts and feelings with those closest to you. Outline what you do want and what you don’t want – with a focus on what’s reasonable and attainable.  Wielding that power now will afford you the best opportunity for life on your terms, when ‘down the road’ becomes’ around the corner!’ It happens fast! Start small – pick the item you need to be handled most and commit to carrying it through this year. You’ll be grateful that you did.

Article Submitted by:
Elaine Poker-Yount, CDP is Community Liaison for Visiting Angels East Valley  
Reach her at 480-833-8247 or elaine@visitingangelsaz.com