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Parent’s Day is fast approaching which means special activities will surely be held in different companies, organizations, and institutions like senior living facilities. Some people may not know about it and mistake it for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but Parent’s Day is celebrated separately and is held annually every fourth Sunday of July to support and honor all parents in the USA.

With all our responsibilities in life, sometimes we tend to forget about our own family especially our parents. We unknowingly spend so little time with them hence, we fail to nurture our relationships with our parents and sometimes unintentionally make them feel unappreciated for simply being in our lives.

With Parent’s Day, let’s loosen up and celebrate this occasion with our parents especially those who took options for senior living. Here are some things that you can do to celebrate National Parent’s Day:

Prepare a family picnic

Call your siblings and invite their respective families. You can plan it together or if they’re too busy, you can organize it on your own so all they have to do is come and bring food and gifts. You can go to a nice park or if your parents are on a senior living institution, you can schedule a visit and take their favorite meals with you.

Create a family scrapbook

This will only take a few hours of your day. Compile family photos and gather small notes and letters from your family. You can also include special greeting cards on the scrapbook. Your parents will surely appreciate looking at it from time to time.

Give them a framed family photo

You can hire a professional photographer to do your family portrait or you can do it on your own using a good camera. Invite all your siblings, their spouses, and kids and visit your parents in the senior living facility together. You can take photos of your parent’s favorite spots while having fun in between photoshoot. Have the photos printed and framed and give it to your parents as a Parent’s Day gift.

Go on a family trip

It might have been a while since the last time you went on a trip with your parents to take advantage of Parent’s Day and make it an amazing holiday. There may be a place that your parents have been wanting to visit for a long time or perhaps you can take them to a good vacation place nearby.

Simply pay your parents a visit wherever they are

Whether your parents are staying in their own home or may have taken options for senior living, just simply go wherever they are and spend the day with them. You can bring gifts and prepared meals or simply participate in any activities that the senior living community will be hosting on that day.

These are just suggestions but you can get more creative than this. What matters the most is that you spend the day making sure that your parents will feel loved and appreciated. It is important especially for seniors who are living away from their children because they probably are missing their own families.

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