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Many Americans lives are touched by dementia each day. Some of the people are living with dementia themselves while others are family members or caregivers for a person with dementia. The fact is that more and more people are dealing with this disability due to younger onset Alzheimer’s. As the number of people who are affected continues to grow, it is critical that the public learn more about dementia and begin to look at this segment of the population as they would any other group with a disability. So if you are looking at a facility for senior living in Scottsdale or senior living in Mesa, you will want to be sure that the facility you select for a loved one has the ability to provide for the needs of dementia.

One critical factor in proper care is recognizing that people who are suffering from dementia must be treated respectfully and with dignity. These people are facing some potentially large changes in their lives. But they still have the right to be involved in decisions about their care and involved in making as many decisions and life choices as possible. The goal should be to provide care and assistance where it is needed but not to strip the person of their choices and ability to live as normal a life as possible. When interviewing the managers at senior living Scottsdale or senior living Mesa facilities be sure to ask about resident involvement in selecting care options.

It is also important for the staff at a senior living Scottsdale and senior living Mesa facility to recognize that dementia is a disability that affects the person and not an illness. An illness is often fixable with medication whereas a disability is not. This completely changes the mindset of dealing with people who have dementia and focuses on helping them cope with the disability and lead as full a life as possible. People who have dementia want to live their life just as a blind person or a deaf person would and they have the same right to do so.

As facilities who provide senior living in Mesa and senior living in Scottsdale begin to recognize the importance of keeping residents with dementia active and involved in regular activities the perception and judgement that these people face will begin to change. They have the ability and desire to take part in everyday activities, enjoy time with family and friends and take part in community activities. Keeping these residents involved in life and in the community will only strengthen their resolve and allow them to better function as a member of society and their facility. They have more to offer than they have been given credit for in the past and changing that stereotype will benefit everyone.

As a country, we have become much more supportive of those with special needs and disabilities. As a result we have the benefit of these millions of people contributing to our country in numerous ways. Each person has a gift and much to offer to society and people with a disability are no different. Be certain that you locate a care provider for senior living in Scottsdale or senior living in Mesa who recognizes and understands the importance of seeing dementia as a disability.