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Caregiving for seniors can be a challenging task. This is true most especially if the members of your family are busy in other activities such as school works or careers. Your aging loved ones need more love, attention, and patience. Aside from that, they need specialized health care to make sure that they’re not harmed and properly treated if they are already experiencing several illnesses caused by old age.  

If all of the members of the family are busy with school or work, caring for a senior will be more challenging. Thus, more and more families are resorting to sending their loved ones to nursing homes.  

The costs of elder care cost vary depending on the needs of the aging person and the type of care they prefer. Elder care is an important decision that will be based on a wide range of factors that you need to think about. Here, we round up the advantages of sending your aging loved ones in a nursing home and the estimated cost of elder care whichever senior living facility you chose.  

Advantages of Nursing Home

Cost-effective in the long run

At first, you might think that sending your senior loved ones in a nursing home can be overwhelming when it comes to the fees. But, in the long run, choosing a nursing home is a cost-effective decision. You get the most out of your investment and you’re secure, that your loved ones are properly taken care of. After all, that’s the primary reason why you want to send your senior loved ones to a nursing home.

Proper health care assistance is provided

Caring for your aging loved ones at home allows you to make them feel cared for. However, if you don’t have enough knowledge about health care, it can affect your aging loved ones. In other words, choosing a nursing home that has enough health care facility is more beneficial than providing health care at home.  

Activities tailor fit for seniors are available

Staying inside the four corners of the house can be boring in the long run. But, if they stay in a nursing home, they can experience different activities worth their time. In nursing homes and senior living facilities, the activities offered for seniors is endless. These activities include group exercise classes, walking clubs, gardening clubs, book clubs, life story exercises, lectures and continuing education classes, art classes, pottery or ceramics classes and more.  

The expenses for elder care can vary depending on different factors. It’s up to you if you prefer to take care of them at home or send them to a nursing home. Other factors such as the health condition should also be considered in checking the cost of elder care.  

The bottom line and costs of elder care are Nursing Homes average $83,585 per year. Assisted Living averages $39,516 per year. On the other hand, the average cost of private home care is $21/hour and implies that 24/7 care would cost $183,456 per year.

This summarizes the total cost of the senior living facility fees depending on the type of nursing home you’d love to choose.