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We all know that insurance is an integral aspect to any financial planning from beginning to end. In this case, the end goal is to provide security early in life so you can retire comfortably in the future. While there are myriads of insurances to choose from, insurances wellness check-up is important for your overall health.

Yearly physical exams are detailed series of exams for preventive health care measures. This exam will not include any new diagnosis or any detailed overview of a long-existing health problem. Annual exams may also come as a routine check-up or preventive visit.

Is Wellness Check-Up Insurance Covered?

Numerous insurances add this as part of a policy holder’s health plan. It can be done once a year or one year plus one day from the date of your previous exam.

If you had other hospital visits billed as preventive care check-up within the duration of your plan, your provider will not deny this as a wellness exam. Annual pap smear and well-woman exam are some that are billed as wellness check-up.

Your health plan may not be liable to pay for all lab test done during an insurance wellness check-up. The best way to avoid any financial dilemmas is to confirm with your health plan provider as to the coverage of exams for a wellness check-up prior to making visiting the hospital.

What are the Exams Included in an Insurance Wellness Check-Up?

With wellness exams, your physician will be able to assess your overall health. From here, they will be guided to making choice to give you better health through medical or therapeutic interventions. Here are some of the basics included in your wellness check-up:

  • Physical exam
  • Vital statistics
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Family health history and personal health history
  • Lifestyle and health choices (e.g. food choices, exercise, working hours, type of work, etc.)
  • Early screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Creating an overall health plan based on the assessment

Problem Visit vs. Insurance Covered Wellness Exam

It is not uncommon for some companies to order a preventive health care exam to diagnose and treat symptoms early. It is in these diagnostic visits that doctors can pinpoint solutions and prevent further deterioration (if with existing problems) of a client’s health. Diagnostic tests are implemented by health plan providers to confirm symptoms that you may have during the test. Let’s take for example a health plan provider wants to know about specific diseases that may have to do with your age or family history. This falls under an insurance covered wellness check-up. But should you have symptoms because of an existing problem and will require further check-up, this falls as a diagnostic care.

It’s not doable to do your wellness exam and diagnostic care at the same time. This is for the protection of the policyholder as the insurance company might deny one of the visits and forward the financial burden to you. This will not keep you from asking queries from your physician or asking for another set of maintenance medicines. However, it is best to schedule a different date for each type of visit. But should there be important findings of your wellness check-up, this may require a problem visit and should be billed accordingly.

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