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Listen now to the Healthy Senior Living Team interview Coy Vernon with Childers and Coventry.  This show will tune you into the answers to your questions and information about Guardianships, Medical/Healthcare Power of Attorney, and Healthcare Advocacy. Thanks for Listening!

Coy Vernon is licensed fiduciary, principal, and Director at Childers and Coventry, LLC. As a licensed fiduciary, Coy works to marshal, inventory, value, and secure all real and personal property assets to ensure that the asset’s value is preserved until liquidation and/or distribution. Coy also manages all vendor relations regarding asset care as well as works closely with numerous industry professionals in order accurately ascertain the value of an asset.

In addition to asset management, Coy also assists Childers and Coventry’s Nurse Care Managers in areas such as client relocation, coordination of delivery of property to clients, as well as assistance with client recovery, care management intervention and client stabilization when necessary. In one such case, Coy travelled to Central America and successfully, located, managed medical treatment to stabilize the client for travel, coordinated all travel with medical flights, negotiated with customs and embassy personal to obtain approval to leave Central America and for re-entry to the U.S. without the clients passport, and safely returned the client to U.S. soil for further treatment.

Childers & Coventry Website: http://www.childersandcoventry.com/

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