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Kerri Ann focuses on making a difference every day. She hopes when she closes her eyes each night that she has done all she can do to be a real person – this includes: smiling, saying ‘Hi’ to all, thanking a Veteran, laughing, loving, helping those that cross her path. She always strives to do her personal best! She feels blessed to do what she does each day in her career. She is thankful people trust her with their life, their decisions, and her guidance. She wants each family and client to have faith that they are in good hands with her and the Options team on their side.

Kerri Ann states, “The best thing I have ever done or will do in my life and that I am most proud are my sons – Kaden and Tory. A family is the greatest gift we have whether those people are blood relatives or valued friends….if you call them ‘family’ they are a part of the gifts of life, no one can take that away from you. My education, life experiences (good and bad), career experiences, all, moved me to join the Options Team. This opportunity will give me the ability to do what I love!”

Kerri Ann was a member of Gilbert Leadership Class 27 for the 2018-2019 program year. Kerri Ann emerged from the program with her tagline being “One person can make a difference in our communities we serve”. She said the Leadership Program is changing the footprint for the Town of Gilbert.

She stated, “The program has inspired her to want to do more and to be a better citizen.” She encourages anyone who lives in a community to a city with a Leadership program to get involved and make a difference. The Gilbert Leadership Class 27 project was to revamp and enhance the front of the Gilbert Historical Society. Kerri Ann said, “Whenever I drive by The Historical Society I am reminded that I made a difference.” Something she is very proud and honored to be a part.