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We can add fun to senior living this coming National Dance Day by celebrating the special event. Who said that seniors can’t groove and rock anymore? In fact, this type of events will surely excite our elderlies and make them feel youthful than their age.

This July 28, 2018, is the National Dance Day Celebration. This was created to promote fitness and health through dance. Dancing like other forms of physical exercise can help combat lifestyle diseases caused by inactivities, such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Dancing is the perfect fitness program for our seniors to keep them active even in their golden years. It is recommended that they at least have 30 minutes of exercise per day to stay fit and healthy. It also brings out talent and good memories for senior living through the music they play.

Although seniors may not be as fast and as groovy as they used too, they can still enjoy and celebrate National Dance Day. Here are some of the fun ways to celebrate:

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is not only fun but also perfect for seniors. These are probably the type of dance styles most of our seniors are familiar with.

  • Cha-cha-It is a ballroom dance that originated in Cuba. In cha-cha, partners need to dance using four steps. It involves the movement of the hips and footwork. For some, it can be easy to learn because of its easy steps and timing to the music.
  • Pasodoble- This is a Spanish dance that showcases the movement of bullfighting. Its steps are set to follow the rhythm of the music. This dance is very dramatic and involves a role-play where the man is the fighter and the woman plays as the cape.
  • Waltz- This is one of the easiest dance styles to learn. It includes proper counting of steps and dancing with a partner.
  • Swing- This type of dance is usually performed along with jazz music. This is very lively and brings a happy feeling. For our beloved seniors, they can perform the basic step no need to do the hops and spins.

Movie Viewing

Another way to celebrate National Dance Day for elders in senior living is by watching dance-themed movies. Some oldies may find it difficult to dance making this the perfect activity for them. They are a lot of movies they can choose from, from classics to modern dance movies.

Dance Party

Like everyone else, seniors also love to party. They may be old physically but that doesn’t mean they cannot party.  They can dance all they want and dress up during the event.  They can also mingle with other seniors and celebrate with their friends. They can also invite family members such as their sons and daughters and even their grandchildren.

Although it is fun to dance and most seniors require exercise and physical activity to stay healthy, it is important to take note not all senior have the same physical condition. It is still best to ask a doctor before doing strenuous activity. Keeping it mild and gentle will also help avoid injuries and falls. Still, the safety of our seniors is our top priority. 

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