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For the past decade or so, the spotlight has been shown on depression as a leading mental illness for teens. But the sad truth is, no one has brought to light its prevalence on seniors. Studies have shown a dramatic increase in the number of cases of depression amongst the elderly.

Several factors have been noted to contribute to this such as lack of familial ties, reduced vigor due to physical limitations and a loss of the once virile self. It is quite ironic that in an age where connections should be easier, the more distant the family unit becomes.

To remedy this, senior living facilities have reiterated activities that develop friendships among the seniors themselves and/or with the communities that they belong to. Seniors should feel that they are very much part of the community — that they are needed and loved. This is why celebrating Nat’l Friendship Day in a senior facility is a perfect activity to enrich friendship among seniors and staff.

Finding the Best Facility for Your Loved Ones

With this in mind, Scott Fischer, BSN founded the Options for Senior Living. This is an institution that offers services such as:

  • An extensive assessment of seniors and their family. This service allows us to tailor fit your needs and preferences to match up with the chosen facility. This would include the physical limitations of the client, complete medical attention and patient care requirements and their preferences in accommodations.
  • Assisting loved ones to find the perfect facility for the senior members of their family. Based on their assessment, a list of facilities that cater to their needs are laid out. All the amenities and added services are noted allowing them to make an informed decision regarding the welfare of their loved one. We also keep in mind the difficulties of tagging along seniors for on-site inspections. That is why we scout the facility for you before requesting your presence to finalize it.
  • Coordinating with the necessary medical resources (i.e. physical therapy sessions, house call physicians and even legal services). As matches are assessed, medical resources are also checked out for availability for the client when it is deemed necessary.
  • Reducing the stress for the client and their families. Relocation of a loved one is a stressful situation for both parties. That is why, we here at Options for Senior Living, do all the necessary steps to make this transition as smooth and hassle-free for you.

Why Choose Options For Senior Living?

We, at Options For Senior Living, have decades of experience in patient care and has spearheaded a movement that has united senior industries to promulgate and enforce the Best Practices and a Code of Professional Ethics. This aims to state the optimum level of patient care dedicated for seniors.

Our dedication to delivering resources to ensure the welfare of your loved one is unmatched in the business. We also have trained staff that provides excellent care and compassion especially to seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. We make sure our staff forms friendships with seniors as to make them feel comfortable in a new environment.

Relocation is stressful, to say the least. This is why we offer our services to you so you can focus on strengthening bonds with your loved ones rather than dealing with the time-consuming process of selecting a facility for them. We help find the best care for your aging loved one. All of our services are FREE to you!