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As we get older, we realize that the younger days are over. We will never be able to go back to our youthful days. Old people experience health problems, vision and hearing impairment. They can’t also move the way they used to. There will be back pains, knee, and joint pains and to sum it all up, it will be frustrating and annoying. This is why; we often encounter a grumpy old grannie somewhere in the neighborhood or in the market.

We, as the younger people should understand them. What they’re going through is never easy. We should always think that they’re undergoing a very difficult process. What we can do is help them feel that there are positive options for senior living. Let’s make them feel that they’re not alone in this journey by the following approach:

Address the issues of incontinence

For older people who experience incontinence, fear and embarrassment are the most obvious reason why they tend to isolate themselves and avoid social contact. The best way to resolve this is to appropriately address the issue with the help of his/her family and/or caregiver. This can be done by the means of proper supplies and medication.

Give positive comments and compliments

Assuring them that they still look at their best is another way of making them feel confident about themselves. Give as many positive comments or compliments to boost their self-esteem. This will help them be more socialized without worrying about their physical appearance.

Encourage vision and hearing test in a positive way

It is normal for seniors to have a vision and hearing impairments and problems. What we can do is to encourage them to undergo a hearing and vision test without making them feel that they’re old enough for it. Try a positive approach. Help them understand that the early the test was conducted, the better results and resolution will be provided.

Show and give affection

Growing older and older each day is such a lonely feeling.  You can make him/her feel better by giving them a hug or showing them that you care for them. Mostly, what seniors fear the most is the feeling of being alone and forgotten. When they feel this way, they choose to be alone and isolate. Always give and show your love to the elders especially in your family. They need it the most.

Give them something to take care of

Experts say that an act of nurturing helps relieve the feeling of stress, loneliness, and even social isolation. Giving them a pet (something that they want to take care of) for example, can help them feel more alive and that they have a purpose.  A pet will also help them engage in activities that can be helpful for their body. You just have to make sure that the senior is willing and capable of taking care of a pet.

Senior living is not easy. You have to deal with health problems, inability to perform simple motor skills and feeling old. The best thing that we can do is help them cope up with this unstoppable process.