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Senior living management is not an easy task yet it is one of the responsibilities that falls into the definition of inevitable given the fact that most of us live, and will live, with our senior parents. However, there is a struggle between making the choice about how you are going to manage senior living with your beloved parents. Some of us choose to take the obligations as caregivers to our parents who are already aging in the comforts of our own homes. These tasks are surely draining, and that reason gave birth to the second option which is sending your beloved senior parent to a caregiving home or also generally known as a senior living management company.

To stick with the truth, there is also one thing that could hold you back while deciding on which to select between these two significant options. It is normal to have doubts when you are planning to send your elderly loved one to a community that will cater most of his or her needs in the most appropriate and convenient way. There are a lot of options for you to consider and to help you in choosing the best second home for your parent, here are some of the few questions you might want to ask your senior living management agency or community.


  1. Honesty

Together with honesty comes the thought that the fact can be hard to accept or not, but given the circumstances of what situation you and your elderly loved one are already in, there is no necessity in holding back the reality. One of the most important questions that you should prioritize in asking is: are you willing to tell us what we need to hear versus what we want to hear?

Transparency and candor are vital characteristics that a senior living management company basically possesses. You would definitely choose a specific partner who will ask tough questions and will be able to challenge the norm to help optimize your position in your market.

One important tip: Choose a management company that you are looking to as a partner and not just a vendor. As a company that perfectly resembles a partner, this agency will definitely be there during the best of times as well as challenging times to help contribute in the success of your plans for your elderly loved one.


  1. Adaptation

Of course, there will always be times that the needs of your elderly loved one do not just settle on what is being asked from him or her. There are certain issues that should be addressed and are best handled by experts and professionals that good senior living management could have. That brings us to the second question that you might want to consider when choosing senior living management: how well equipped are you to handle the complexities of the senior living industry?

Being in the generation with high technology and quickly changing processes and protocols, it is beneficial that your chosen senior living management will be able to adapt in new techniques and strategies that are more convenient in handling needs of seniors in their communities. You do not want to settle with a company that limits themselves and is not open to improvement when it comes to catering their clients. A great company is always an open area for development and continuous growth for its partners.

A key factor: Life Plan Communities with skilled nursing and Medicare participation as part of your business model need a strategy in place to compete for patients who are discharged from a hospital for post-acute care, whether they’re residents or seniors from the general public.

  1. Experty

It is already a given fact that we are going to choose a company with complete services rather than another with limitations on the benefits that they can cover. For instance, you might want to ask your company: are you a full-service solution for a senior living community?

In other words, you are asking them if they do provide systems, people, and resources that can be integrated as a one-stop option. Not all senior living management companies are able to cover the full spectrum or range of operating disciplines. The right and the great management company creates efficiencies in how sponsors and boards access resources for communities to deliver the best results and highest value. Outsourcing services and using various vendors can incorporate different cultures that aren’t aligned. It can lead to inefficiencies and a lack of synergy.

A very important tip to keep in mind is, you should partner with a management company that will always be open in offering comparative data that will enable you to make better decisions. It is truly helpful to review fiscal and performance metrics of other senior living communities in your market, trends across the industry and key indicators to drive client-based success.