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In the past few years, the number of tech products and gadgets being sold in the market continuously rises. Some gadgets are created for home improvement while others are for leisure and fun activities.

While most gadgets are manufactured intended for the middle and young age consumers, some tech products are specifically created to meet the needs of those who are in their senior years.

We round up the top six tech products perfect for seniors this 2019. So, if you’re looking for a gift or just want to improve their overall lifestyle, these are the tech products you can check out.

  • GrandPad- is not your typical iPad or tablet. The GrandPad is made specifically to match the need of seniors. The interface is designed to be more user-friendly. What makes the GrandPad better than the regular tablets is the fact that it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. These Tablets can be used to play classic board games and even tennis or basketball. In addition to that, more and more interactive applications are developed to match the needs of seniors.
  • Tile- this is something useful not just for seniors but also for young adults. For sure, you experience losing or misplacing items from time to time. Worry no more! The Tile app is here to rescue. It works as a tracker for stuff you usually misplace, most especially gadgets. Tile is a monthly subscription app that is initially created for seniors.
  • Fitbit- no matter what age you’re in, making sure that you’re healthy is important. Fitbit is a wearable accessory that looks just like your traditional wristwatch.  However, Fitbit is created to encourage users to exercise or do physical activities.
  • Senior care robots- gone are the days when robots can only be seen in sci-fi movies. In this age, robots do exist and we can make the most out of these inventions. Smart Homes designed a robot named Hector who was developed to provide in-home caregiver services for senior who loves to live independently. Hector can provide daily reminders, respond to verbal commands and even detect falls. Hector may sound like an invention that’s too good to be true, but we’re glad it’s finally true and available for you.
  • Walking aids- as we grow older, our joints are becoming more and more sensitive. Thus, even simple activities like walking can be a difficult task, sometimes a burden. Worry no more! With the walking aids, you will no longer encounter issues when walking. The walking aids are designed not just for seniors but also for persons with disabilities. These walking aids are designed to be sleek and functionally perfect for seniors who want to stay active.
  • Wireless home monitoring system- some seniors want to live independently. However, some relatives are not confident to let them go on their own. Luckily, there are wireless home monitoring systems that can installed. Some of the wireless home monitoring systems may require to be installed throughout the house for maximum security. There are wireless home monitoring systems that require monthly fees but it will give you the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are not exposed to any safety or health issues while you’re away from home.