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Her service area of expertise: West Valley, including Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria,Litchfield, Goodyear, Avondale, Surprise and the Sun Cities

And, Tammy is now certified as a CDP and CPRS 

Why I do what I do, and love it!

Meet Tammy Luna CDP, CPRS

Tammy Luna, CDP, CPRS has served the Senior Living Industry since 2012 working as the Office Manager initially then as Client Services Coordinator, Director of Family Services and now as a Senior Referral Specialist with Options for Senior Living. Her service area of expertise is the West Valley, including Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Litchfield, Goodyear, Surprise and the Sun Cities.

Education and continuous learning through her association with the Professional Association of Senior Referral Specialists (PASRS) have sparked a passion for her to become a leader in senior healthcare issues. She and a colleague were the foundersof the Senior Education Coalition in the west valley; a group dedicated to touching the community to raise awareness to the massive deficits the community has around issues affecting health and safety for the elderly

Tammy’s greatest strengths are her compassion for people and displaying patience with the families she serves and a genuine passion for this industry. She is a motherof five daughters and has been a lifelong resident of the West Valley where she continues to live, work and make her home. Tammy states, “I joined the Options team to expand my knowledge of the industry and learn how to operate my own business while being a part of a team. Scott entrusted me with his business and helped me grow mine. I am a proud team member and love sharing my knowledge.”

Listen to Tammy’s Podcast Now!

Our very own Tammy Luna speaks with Pam Ostrowski, author of the book, “It’s not that Simple” about helping families with loved ones with dementia navigate their journey through the many experiences, emotions, and decisions.

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    Tammy was so incredibly helpful to my family, not once but TWICE! In January we needed an immediate placement for my father and she came through for us withoutseeming to be phased by the situation.

    Then in April we needed to find a more suitable home for Dad as the first was a temporary placement just to fix the situation. Tammy was again so patient and understanding of all of Dad’s needs. We were able to find a home in one day, movedDad in within two weeks. Dad is now thriving and likes all his caretakers and the home.

    I highly recommend Options for Senior Living, and if you are in the West Valley, workwith Tammy!

    – Lisa S.


    Thanks very much for recommending to my brother and I to use Tammy to help us find new living accommodations for my parents, Scott and Mady Grover. Tammy worked hard to find us some great options that fit within our budget. We have founda great group home for them that we never would have found on our own, and got iffor an affordable monthly rent. Tammy is very knowledgeable of the options for senior living in the area and was a tremendous help in our search to find the best place for my aging parents.



    I first met Tammy Luna In late 2019. I was looking for a group home for my mother of 70 yearsold with severe Alzheimer’s. Tammy had been recommended to me by a court fiduciary from a probate case I was a part of. My initial conversation with Tammy over the phone, was found to be pleasant and beneficial. Even over the phone I could already tell that Tammy had a genuine concern for my mother and her placement in the group home. I could tell even through the conversation that she did have my mother‘s best interest at heart. She asked questions that I had not even thought about, but we’re very important to the situation. She also focused on an area near my home, so that I would be close to my mother once She was placed in the group home. This was appreciated because I wanted to be able to visit my mother regularly. Tammy is very knowledgeable about the entire procedure , and I can tell that moving forward things were going to run smoothly. After our initial conversation I felt a sense of relief that someone was on my side and my mother’s side. I felt like Tammy’s efforts to find my mother a nice home were genuine. Tammy was also knowledgeable to group home costs and Medicare or insurance coverage questions. Tammy recommended that I tour at least three homes in order to make a solid decision on the best fit for my mother. We visited three homes at a later date and of those three homes I did find a beautiful home for my mother which I am very happy with. I actually couldn’t be more happy with the home, which is a very loving home, not only for the staff, but also the residents, and the residents’ family. I know if it was left up to me that I would never have found such a beautiful home for my mother to be in. It is nothing like the peace of mind of knowing that my mother is well taken care of and loved. Out of the three homes that I toured with Tammy, either one of them would’ve worked just as well. I appreciate Tammy’s time and effort into finding great choices and options for me that allowed me to be comfortable with either home I would’ve chosen that day. I would highly recommend Tammy Luna’s services with finding placement for any loved one that you were considering a group home or nursing home for. She is absolutely great and she really cares!

    Bridgitte Bailey

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    West Valley, including Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Litchfield, Goodyear, Avondale, Surprise and the Sun Cities.

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