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Thanks to our wonderful guest Kristine and Shelly! You two shared so

Shelly Winson with True Choice Benefits

True Choice Benefits is a health benefits agency specializing in consumer driven health carestrategies for individuals, families, and small employers. We help people view their health carespending in a new way, and choose cost-effective programs for their unique situation.

Phone: (480) 206-8294

Email: shelly@truechoicebenefits.biz

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shellywinson/

Website: www.truechoicebenefits.biz

Kristine Kassel with Benefits by Design

Benefits by Design was founded in 1997 and is a local, independent health insurance agency with a special focus: helping small businesses determine what health plan will work best for their employees and also fit within their budget. We work with all of the major companies, so we will be sure to provide you with many different options. Keep in mind that our services are provided at no cost to you.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, I also serve on many non-profit boards, collaborating and leading others to have a positive impact on both the organizations and communities they serve.

Benefit plans are as individual as people needing them. We customize benefit plans to suite management, staff and families.

Benefits by Design knows just what to do to put a plan together for you. Whether you or your company is in need of individual plans for principals and key staff members, or group plans covering all eligible employees, we have the know-how to put a plan together suited just to you and your company’s needs.

Phone: 480-831-7700

Email: kristine@benefitsbydesignaz.com

Website: www.benefitsbydesignaz.com

LinkedIn Connect: www.linkedin.com/in/kristine-kassel-rhu-0b64293/