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We might know it’s to time to do something to help an aging relative. But, how do we even begin the conversation? Join 10 experienced specialists – many of whom have experienced these conversations with their own family members – as they unpack practical steps to helps.

One Conversation down and four to go!! Join us!

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Jill Beagles, BA, CNA
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Conversation #2: I’ll take your keys and checkbook please.
Thursday, June 4 | 11 am PST
How do I take away the car keys? What about the credit cards, checkbooks, and bills? (Details/Registration)

Bonnie Blachly, MN, RN, BSN

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Conversation #3: Um, you’re moving.
Thursday, June 11 | 11 am PST
When do I need to get help for dad? What are the signs it’s time to hire a care partner or start looking for assisted living? How do I tell him? I know he’ll say no! (Details/Registration)

Nicole Amico Kane, MSW, LICSW, CMC
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Allyson Schrier, PAC Certified Trainer
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Conversation #4: You can’t take both sets of china!
Thursday, June 18 | 11 am PST
How am I going to help her sort through all her stuff and then move? What do I tell her when I drop her off? How do we stay friends through all of this? What will make this successful? (Details/Registration)

Mai Thompson, SMM~C
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Nicole Amico Kane, MSW, LICSW, CMC
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Conversation #5: Do you like it here?
Thursday, June 25 | 11 am PST
How often should I visit? What makes a good visit? What do I do when I come? What if I need to speak up about concerns? How do I help them have a wonderful time and stay close? (Details/Registration)

Stephanie Fialkin, MSW

Evan Fairborn, BA
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Conversation #1: Something’s wrong! -COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!
Thursday, May 28 | 11 am PST
How do I tell for sure it’s time to start getting involved? I don’t want my relationship to change. Can I keep being her daughter and not become her mom?

Scott M. Fischer, BSN, CDP, CPRS
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