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Being healthy is one of our goals ever since we’re young. We want to keep that youthful glow and endurance to do day to day activities that make us happy and fulfilled. However, due to normal changes in our body, staying fit and healthy is turning into a more rigid and challenging task as we grow older.

Our body starts to weaken and soften. Thus, doing our activities we used to do are turning into a difficult task. But, it’s never too late to take care of your body and keep your mind healthy and active.

No matter what is your age, you can do something to stay fit and healthy even when you’re in your 70’s. We round up the most effective tips to keep yourself looking and feeling young. So, you can continue to do the tasks and enjoy life to the fullest.

Exercise regularly

Exercising doesn’t have to be a rigid task. These days, you can exercise by jogging, planking, and even walking. These activities may look simple, but it helps to burn calories and keep your heart rhythm normal. Exercising can also help to stretch your muscles to avoid spasm.

If you want to a variety of exercise you can do at home and without any fitness equipment, you can watch YouTube tutorials or download mobile fitness apps. You can score tips and tricks on how to exercise properly. As a matter of fact, you can find exercise routines suitable for senior or those who are in their 70’s.

Stay away from the stress

Stress has been a part of your life when you’re younger. Now that you reach the age of 70s, it’s time to stay away from stress and live a happier life. Cut down factors that may cause stress. Set aside the things that make you feel grumpy, irritated or annoyed and always think the good things that happen in your life. Stress is never good and you should avoid to welcome it in your life.

Get enough rest

Having a healthy lifestyle at your age will not be enough if you don’t rest and sleep. Getting at least 6 or 7 hours of sleep is highly recommended to ensure that you regain your energy. It also helps to sharpen your mind.

So, the next time you feel like you want to stay up late, think of the benefits of sleeping early and having a good night rest.

Eat healthy foods

Eating junk foods and too many sweets will not do any good. In your 70’s, you should learn to eat more healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. You can also indulge in the right amount of protein from fish and other seafood. Of course, make sure that you will follow your doctor’s food recommendations to avoid any health complications.

If you’re in your 70’s and you want to be fit and healthy, going back to the basics is very important. As a matter of fact, everything that we shared here is all about the basic health care tips that you should be doing ever since. And now that you’ve reached the age of 70, you should be more responsible and focus on doing the basic health care tips mentioned.