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It is inevitable to see our parents and grandparents get old. Truth be told, we might not have enough time to spend with them to attend to their needs and cares. Others also prefer living alone to live their lives to the fullest rather than living and putting some weight on their sons and daughters.

If they become too stubborn, seniors might even end up not seeking help from us. The more we put pressure on them because of our desire to help them, the more they end up moving away from us insisting they are good on their own.

If you do happen to know a senior who is like this, then here are 5 tips on how to talk to them about getting a senior care.

Listen to their side

If they are still very well capable of making decisions on their own, they do not leave them out for the decision-making process. They know very well what they are capable of doing given their age. Some will insist on living alone simply because they are probably more comfortable with it, or simply they just know that they can still stand on their own without the need for a senior care.

While it is important to listen to them since they are can become sensitive, that does not mean we have to give in totally and turn a blind eye of all the possibilities that might end up wrong. Listen but do not miss out all the possible situations that could either help or harm them.

Explain how getting a senior care could benefit them

It is very important to start this conversation in a very light way. Make them feel like you are not pushing the idea to them but instead just simply sharing your opinion. If they agree or disagree with getting one, again, listen and do not judge them.

You can start the conversation by talking about a person they know, who have experienced the benefits of having a senior care then slowly transition to the thought of having them in that care facility too.

Talk about past bad experiences

If they still insist on not getting a senior care, then talk about the bad experiences they had in the past. Tell them how much you’re regretted not being on their side to help and support them.

This tip does not aim to make your senior feel guilty instead this will make them aware that what you are suggesting is not for your own good but for their benefit as well. Explain how a senior living alone can make you feel so uncomfortable.

Offer them options

If they say “let me think about it”, give them time to reflect on your idea. At the same time, you can offer them options out from the different available senior cares that will suit their needs. Your senior will definitely find a good option that will satisfy their needs effectively.

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