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What a fulfilling emotion it is to be able to give back to our parents when they get old. I was told by one of the best educators back in my high school days that no matter how far our path brings us into, we should always remember that the journey of miles we had encountered began with a single step and that was the first walk we had as a child, guided by the strong arms of our parents. She told me that even when life already offered you the dreams you had been working on for years, we still need to root back to the people behind our success and owe it to them. So by the time that difficulties arise on their side and somehow age had dictated challenges on how they conquer the battle of every day, my educator told me that we should be there to extend help unconditionally.

However, we will come to a point where life plays more difficult cards and by this, we most often face varying endeavors and commitment to other things to make taking care of our beloved elderly parents harder. Let us not deny the fact that giving care to a senior is already a tough challenge but things could get pretty harder once many priorities came on point. With this, we might sometimes feel that we are not enough about the help that we could provide to our elderly parents. Moreover, we might also feel a bit harsh on ourselves added by the guilt that we are unable to give them back the guidance and assistance that they need.

These self doubts and accusations are already hard enough, but the hardest thing is letting go. After several thoughts about it, you might find it as still the best option even when the decision is difficult to accept. But at this point, allow me to tell you that there is nothing wrong about considering the thought since this action is dedicated for a long-term basis and it does not only favor you but it will also provide the most appropriate and convenient care for your elderly loved ones. Here are some facts that you need to accept to make letting go easier.


Advanced Care Needs

Technically speaking, this is the top priority fact to consider and think about. At some point, the usual medication needs and care of the elderly escalate due to developing sickness or health risks. Moreover, these type of changes might go beyond your abilities as a home caregiver and might need professional handling which is available in a retirement community. We do not want to risk worse health conditions just because of pride of letting go or because we fear separation with our parents. Take a deep breath and initiate that tough family conversation if you feel that a senior’s health is already being challenged in their own home.


Caregiver Stress

As the person in charge of giving care, you might feel stressed at some point most especially when you are already unable to fulfill other obligations either at work, recreation, or your own family. This is one of the many reasons why you also need to consider sending off an elderly in a retirement home. Do not forget your own goals, besides, they have already invested on what you have right now and you do not want to waste everything that you already have. Prepare to settle things out with a senior loved one and have them understand the importance of the development of your separate lives.


Increased Aggression Among Seniors

In line with aging is the fact that there will be certain changes in the characteristics of a loved one. The most visible type will be physical change in which we might notice that when a senior begins to forget personal hygiene. This absolutely calls already for advanced and consistent care but what more if the change came in forms of sexual or violent aggression which frequently happen in people with dementia, which can cause stress to caregivers or other family members. If a senior is already getting into this state, placement might already be the best option since consistent tracking and management of their activities will be conducted for continuous maintenance.


The Feeling Of Home

When pertaining to the word home, it does not necessarily mean that it is all about finding comfort in their own house but it could also refer to a place where the best care is being provided. In a retirement community where a senior is assisted around the clock, it is an important thing to remember that they are not alone there and in fact, there are also similar stories of families who have chosen to send their elderly loved one in an assisted living for the better. It will give you a relief and a good sleep at night to know that your senior parent experiences every day life with peers they can relate into. That way, you also do not restrict their growth, instead you are letting them enjoy other activities with people they could establish similarities with.

In fact, it is also normal to feel the difficulty of separation during the first weeks or months but always remember that things are placed for multiple reasons. Stoplights on the road are there to dictate certain directions to both pedestrian and cyclists and to prevent any accidents, similar to retirement communities, these places are not established for no reason. Hence they are there to make our lives better and to also bring professional comfort and care to our elderly loved one.