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Being old doesn’t mean that you have to use old mobile phone models. As a matter of fact, more and more mobile phones are manufactured specifically to cater to the needs of those people in their senior years.

If you need a smartphone for yourself or for your aging loved ones, here are the effective ways to choose the perfect smartphone for seniors.

In choosing a smartphone, there are different factors that can be considered. These include the budget, basic and advanced features, size of the phone and a lot more. For some, simpler smartphones were enough. On the other hand, others prefer a smartphone with more comprehensive features.

Size does matter

Do you want a smartphone, you can hold in one hand? Or do you prefer a tablet-sized smartphone? Whichever you prefer, there’s a smartphone size the will meet your standard.

For small phones, you can go for keypad phones. These are the classics! Some phones have the appearance of smaller phones with the functionality of the latest smartphones.

For the bigger phones, manufacturers offer tablet-like smartphones called the GrandPad. The GrandPad comes in a good size suitable for those who have poor eyesight. Even though the GrandPad is bigger than the usual phones, it is lightweight and handy.

Battery life

As for the battery life, our aging loved ones need something that can last a lifetime. Kidding aside, they need smartphones that has great battery life that can last for hours.

For the smartphones readily available in the market these days, one of the common issues is that the battery doesn’t last that long. So, when choosing a smartphone, make sure to choose something that can last for hours. The usual smartphones can last for 4-8 hours depending on the battery size and usage.

Also, it helps if you can easily find a battery replacement for your smartphone in case you need a backup or longer.

Basic Functions Needed

Are you a leisure-loving senior or someone who needs a smartphone to stay connected with relatives. Either way, determining what are the basic features you need is vital when choosing the perfect smartphones for seniors.

List down the features you want your phone to have and determine which among the smartphones available in the market to match. Here’s an insider tip. The following smartphones are the ones favored by seniors in the past few quarters: Doro Liberto 825, Emporia Smart, PowerTel M9500, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Jitterbug Smart2.

Advanced Features You Deserve

Yes, you need that head-turning smartphone that has different features. You deserve a smartphone with front and rear cameras with 24 pixels. The advanced features for smartphones are endless.

In the digital age, we’re in, choosing the perfect smartphone for seniors can be a painstaking task. It can be challenging! But, if you know what you want and you’re familiar with the smartphones available in the market, choosing the perfect smartphone is easier than what it looks like. The next time you’re searching for a new phone, whether for yourself or for someone else, keep our tips in mind so you can easily find the smartphone for you!